Kate Stevenson is the pseudonym of author Kathy Williams. A graduate of Littleton High School and the University of Colorado in Boulder, she draws on her knowledge of people and the Front Range to breathe life into her romantic suspense stories.


  Witness...And Wife? Book Cover


Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN #0-373-07984-2 (1/2000)


When Cassie Bowers awoke in a hospital bed to see her ex-husband, she was bewildered--and bombarded by bittersweet memories. But she soon discovered that Luke Slater hadn't come back to discuss old times or what might have been. He was here as a detective, to uncover the one thing Cassie couldn't remember: a killer's identity.

Luke knew Cassie's amnesia wouldn't last forever. But until she recalled the details of the murder she had witnessed, he would keep her safe. He knew how headstrong and impulsive she could be, but he still loved her enough to risk his life for her....


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Kate Stevenson returns with WITNESS . . . AND WIFE? in which a feisty reporter is forced to accept help from her ex-husband...Ms. Stevenson skillfully sets up the issues surrounding an emotional trauma." --Romantic Times Magazine, February 2000


"Murder, tension, conflict, steamy heat and cautiously resurrected love combine to make this book one you won't want to put down." -- Liz Neil


"[Witness...and Wife? is] definitely a Must Read. Also a Must Reread--I did that today. It is WONDERFUL! The mystery is riviting and the romance is captivating....Thank you, thank you, thank you." -- Emailed Reader's Comments


"While this plot line is old, what is different about this scenario is that the author takes time to flesh out the characters and account for the growth caused by a great loss. The characters have a lot of depth and their dialogue is crisp and strong. The plot is well constructed." --The Romance Reader


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A Piece of Tomorrow Book Cover


Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN #0-373-07576-6 (4/94)


Detective Connor McCormack had been called every nasty name in the book by probation officer Laura Douglass--as if he were the bad guy. Yes, he was using one of her juvenile delinquents to help him crack a case. Yes, he was involving a teenager in a dangerous investigation. And, damn it, yes he did care what Laura thought--too much.

Since Laura had no choice but to cooperate with Connor, she gave him no choice but to compromise with her. Mr Tough Guy would now spend every Sunday getting to know her client as a person. And she would be right there beside them, making sure Connor followed her rules--and getting to know him much too well as a man . . .


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Newcomer Kate Stevenson makes an impressive debut with A PIECE OF TOMORROW . . . Ms. Stevenson sets off some real emotional fireworks in this heartstopping tale of romance suspense. -- Romantic Times Magazine, June 1994.