Kate Stevenson is the pseudonym of author Kathy Williams. A graduate of Littleton High School and the University of Colorado in Boulder, she draws on her knowledge of people and the Front Range to breathe life into her romantic suspense stories. Her first book, A PIECE OF TOMORROW, spent two weeks on the WaldenBook Bestseller List. In addition to writing, Kathy teaches classes and workshops on writing fiction in the Denver area.


Quality work--Competitive Pricing

Are you trying to get published? Have you submitted your work to editors but received only rejections slips? What can you do to catch an editor's or agent's interest?

Selling a manuscript can be a daunting prospect. And while no one can guarantee you'll get published, a good critique service will examine your manuscript and offer suggestions to help you make it the best it can be.

When I critique your manuscript I will look for strengths and weaknesses in the areas of plot structure, scene development, characterization, viewpoint, narrative style, conflict and pacing. I will provide specific ideas and suggestions that will enable you to polish your work for that all-important read by an editor or agent.

As a longtime writing teacher and published author, I find satisfaction in helping writers achieve their dreams.

Kathy Williams

Partial manuscript, including 10-page Synopsis/Outline pages:
     1-30 pages.….$75.00
     31-60 pages…$100.00

Full manuscript: $1.00 per page

Manuscript must be double-spaced, 12-point print type, with 25-27 lines per page.

SASE OR $5.00 required for shipping and handling.

Quotes from Satisfied Clients

Kathy's critiquing service provides a thorough and concise overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your work.  Her help on my synopsis earned me a quick request for a full manuscript from the agent I was targeting!

As a teacher and published author, Kathy Williams' experience, knowledge and professionalism are evident in every manuscript she reviews. Her criticism is constructive; her comments are insightful and easily understood. She encourages talent, helps the writer improve one's skills--without destroying confidence. As a writer, her in-depth knowledge of the publishing business--what editors are searching for in plot characterization and conflict--is a tremendous resource for both the beginning and experienced writers. One that helped me polish my manuscript into a product that caught the attention of an editor and ultimately led to the sale of my first book. If you want to forward your career, definitely utilize Kathy Williams' Critiquing Service.

Kathy Williams' manuscript critiquing service is a great way to get feedback from an expert on all areas of writing craft, from sentence structure to pacing and plot. She's a wonderful resource for the beginning and developing writer.


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