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Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy exploring the different facets of my writing career--from my biography, press clippings and books to the writing tips and writing classes I offer. You can contact me via email at kate@katestevenson.com .

Books have always played a major role in Kathy's life. History, romance, humor, adventure, mysteries, horror and science fiction--she devours them all. Growing up, she whiled away Minnesota winters and California summers between the pages of books, discovering worlds and lives that enabled her to escape from daily hassles with six younger brothers and sisters. When she did chores, she kept a book close at hand for "short breaks." To this day, books are the dangling carrots she uses to encourage herself to complete tedious tasks.

From all that reading was born a desire to create stories of her own. In high school and college she tried poetry; as a young teacher and mother she wrote children's stories and began an historical romance. Her first attempt at writing a contemporary novel resulted as a challenge from her sister.

Her first book, A PIECE OF TOMORROW, spent two weeks on the WaldenBook Bestseller List. Her next book, WITNESS . . . AND WIFE? was released 2/00 from Silhouette Intimate Moments. Before she was published, Kathy won awards in the Heart of the Rockies and Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Contests, and received the Colorado Romance Writers' Casey Award for service to the organization. Kathy belongs to Colorado Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, and Novelists, Ink.

Kathy graduated from Colorado University in Boulder with a degree in education. She teaches elementary school full time, as well as adult classes on writing fiction. She also offers a manuscript critique service.

In response to questions about romance stories, Kathy says that “love is one of the most basic of human needs. How can anyone write about human beings and not write about love?” And as for mixing romance with adventure, she points out that Webster defines adventure as an undertaking involving danger and unknown risks. Kathy argues that the same can be said for falling in love. "What better way to explore the human condition," she asks, "than to mix the two?”

Asked why she, personally, writes, Kathy said, "I write because I have stories to share, and I write romance because I think love makes the world a better place in which to live."

Upcoming Appearances:

August 5, 2005
5:30-9:00 PM, Boulder County Fairgrounds, Longmont, CO




August 13, 2005
10:30 to 12 Noon,
Fairfield Inn, 120 th & I-25, Westminster, CO

Program for Colorado Romance Writers: "Starting on the Right Foot--How toGet a Critique Group Going"


August 26, 2005
Longmont Festival,
Colorado Free University,
505 Main Street, Longmont, CO

See www.longmontfreeu.com for more information